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    We enable innovation through academic research and multidisciplinary collaboration,  ideation, prototyping and developing new products or services that meet emerging needs.


There are several organizations and universities that are actively engaged in open foresight research and collaboration, and we would be happy to discuss a few potential opportunities for collaboration:

  1. Research consortia: Through Open Foresight many universities and research organizations have formed consortia to tackle complex research questions that require interdisciplinary expertise. Joining a consortium focused on open foresight could provide opportunities to collaborate with researchers from different fields and sectors, share data and resources, and gain exposure to diverse perspectives and methodologies.

  2. Collaborative workshops: Organizing and participating in collaborative workshops focused on open foresight can provide a platform to share research findings, exchange ideas and knowledge, and identify potential areas for collaboration. Workshops could be organized around specific research themes, such as climate change, health care, or technological innovation, and could involve participants from academia, government, and industry.

  3. Joint research projects: Collaborating on joint research projects with other universities or organizations can be an effective way to pool resources and expertise, share data, and leverage each other’s strengths. Joint research projects could be designed around specific research questions or themes, such as the future of work, urban development, or energy transitions.

  4. Open data initiatives: Open data initiatives provide opportunities to collaborate with other researchers to collect and analyze data relevant to open foresight research. By sharing data and making it available to other researchers, we can improve the quality and reliability of research findings, reduce duplication of effort, and accelerate progress towards shared research goals.

  5. Interdisciplinary research centers: Many universities and research organizations have established interdisciplinary research centers focused on open foresight research. Joining our centers can provide access to research funding, infrastructure, and expertise from a wide range of fields and sectors, and can foster collaboration and innovation in research.

 By collaborating with other researchers and stakeholders, we can leverage our collective expertise and resources to address complex research questions and shape the future in more desirable ways.


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